final exam

Final exam is set up right after all theory and practical lessons are finished. It usually takes 2 - 3 weeks from last class untill the exam date. Timing is everytime different, but it usually starts at around 8:00am by theory test and then around 10:00 is practical driving test.

  • theory test: 25 questions, 50 points, to be successful you need to reach at least 43 points
  • driving test: takes at least 30 mins to be successful. Examiner will take you around the city to find out how you deal with the traffic, car itself and if you follow all the rules. To be successful you dont need to be perfect, but you must strictly follow important rules like stop signs, order of cars at intersections, etc. You might forget to use indicator, engine may stall few times and still pass if you obey kind of more important rules.