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Drivers license

By the Czech law there is no difference between fresh new driver and legal driver from other country without possibility to exchange their license to Czech one. If you are one of them let us inform you how everything works.

which driving course to choose 

  •  we are providing all kind of driver's licenses courses possible but mainly foreigners are interested of getting class B which allowes to drive a car, small van under 3.5 tons or moped under 125ccm (only in Czechia)
  • all courses and prices are listed in out price list
  • car license are possible both in MANUAL or AUTOMATIC car. We are using new modern Toyota Yaris MT and Toyota C-HR hybrid AT
  • if you would like to get just refresher driving lessons or something else, let us know in contact section

entering the driving course:

  • fill in the aplication and health certificate (general practitioner)
  • pass minimum required age for class of license you want (class B - 18)
  • foreigners are obliged to have short or long term residency permit in Czechia and be able to prove at least 185 days of stay in calendar year to be able to get the license (work, living, sharing household with Czech citizen or husband, wife who works here... )

contact us

visit us

  • contact us before visit to make sure we are currently at the office

during the driving course:

theory lessons in English ( english materials included)

  • car operation, general rules, traffic signs, intersections, safe driving, Czech specifics of driving 
  • lessons focused for final theory test
  • individual lessons according to student's needs

driving lessons in English ( 14x 1.5hrs)

  • beginning starts at training place, closed for public to learn the basics of car handling
  • 1/3 of training is focusing to handle the car like start/stop, observing signs, traffic lights, rules of safe driving 
  • 2/3 of training is focused to interact with more cars, trams, left turning, higher density traffic places, higher speed driving
  • 3/3 of training is focused to most complicated places and situations in traffic, driving city centre roads, practicing driving exam routes
  • at the end of the basic course we evaluate student's skills and discuss whether he is ready for exam or not. If not more training classes are highly recommended. Check our price list for more details

final exam

  • every student pays exam city hall fee of 700 Kč for whole exam process
  • theory test ( 25 test questions, 30 minutes)
  • before driving part inspectors asks few simple car operation and maintenance questions
  • driving test ( 30 minutes of driving with inspector)
  • English translator must be present at final exam. We can provide you one (not included in driving course price)

final exam starts right here...

getting the license

  • after successfully passing the examination you need to apply for drivers license and prove you have been living here in Czechia for more then 185 days in a calendar year by work contract, accommodation contract, relation with Czech citizen, or study here. Whole procedure costs 200 Kč.
  • you can apply at any Czech city's transport department

  • license is made within 3 weeks ( not allowed to drive without it !!! )
  • availability of your license could be checked on city hall webpages and needs to be picked up same place you applied

driving license
driving license

For more information do not afraid to contact us:

Jan Kimla 

tel.: +420 728 547 797 (incl. WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Viber) 

Facebook Messenger - Jan Kimla), e-mail: kimla@autoskolaclub.cz