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Driver's license

By the Czech law there is no difference between fresh new driver and legal driver from other country without possibility to exchange their license to Czech one. If you are one of them let us inform you how everything works.

which driving course to choose 

  •  we are providing all kind of driver's licenses courses possible but mainly foreigners are interested of getting class B which allows to drive a car, small van under 3.5 tons or moped under 125ccm (only in Czechia)
  • all courses and prices are listed in out price list
  • car license are possible both in MANUAL or AUTOMATIC car. We are using new modern Toyota Yaris MT and Toyota C-HR hybrid AT
  • if you would like to get just refresher driving lessons or something else, let us know in contact section
  • more details about our courses is here

entering the driving course:

  • fill in the aplication and health certificate (general practitioner)
  • pass minimum required age for class of license you want (class B - 18)
  • foreigners are obliged to have short or long term residency permit in Czechia and be able to prove at least 185 days of stay in calendar year to be able to get the license (work, living, sharing household with Czech citizen or husband, wife who works here... )